Acoustic Emission

Acoustic Emission Testing (AET) is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method that is used to analyse emitted sound waves caused by defects or discontinuities. These acoustic waves are induced by small deformations, corrosion or cracking, which occur prior to structure failure. It is therefore possible, with AET, to locate structural defects and to monitor the propagation and development of discontinuities.


  • Butt and fillet welds crack detection
  • Parent material
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials (use of different probes)
  • Flexible probes for various geometric shapes and applications.

Magnetic Flux Leakage ( MFL Floor Mapping )

Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) is a fast inspection technique, suitable for measuring wall loss and detecting sharp defects such as pitting, grooving, and circumferential cracks. MFL is effective for aluminum-finned carbon steel tubes because the magnetic field is almost completely unaffected by the pressence of such fins.


  • Measuring wall loss
  • Detecting sharp defects such as pitting, grooving, and circumferential cracks.

Ultrasonic Testing Crawler

Battery operated, encoded crawler with 5 MHz, dry coupled wheel probe. Supplied with a 50 metre umbilical cable for access to the top of the highest storage tanks methods. The Scorpion is a rugged remote access ultrasonic (UT) crawler designed for cost effective ultrasonic inspection on ferro-magnetic structures such as storage tanks, vessels and offshore installations without the need for costly scaffolding or rope access associated with UT thickness gauging.


  1. High resolution B-scan image
  2. Simple profile, or full amplitude display
  3. Permanently stored data for recall to assist with RLA & RBI trend forecasting
  4. No couplant or paint removal required


  • Tank Thickness Gauging without Rope Access / Scaffolding
  • Pressure vessels and offshore installations Thickness Gauging
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