• Pre-Commissioning

    Chemical Cleaning

    Our services include two major categories of chemical cleaning are pre-operational chemical cleaning—part of pre-commissioning or commissioning activities—and post-operational or maintenance chemical cleaning—part of regular shut down work

    We offer two methods for cleaning :

    • Fill and Soak Method
    • Fill and Circulation Method
    • Fill and Soak Method

    • Fill and Circulation Method


    • Increased pipeline life in years
    • Reduction of pipeline maintenance
    • Saving on corrosion inhibitors
    • Maintained product purity
    • Reduce friction and increases pipeline flow efficiency

    Hot-Oil Flushing

    Our services to remove harmful contaminants such as water, rust, loose scale, weld slag, sand and dirt’s from the critical internal components of hydraulic and lube oil system. Our Hot Oil flushing services operates on the principle of turbulent flow, which requires the understanding and skill of trained technician to ensure that significant damage doesn’t not occur during the process.

    Our flushing systems are equipped with high efficiency filter elements to achieve very low particle counts quickly.


    • Free from contaminants and debris
    • Long life of machinery, lubrication and hydraulic systems
    • Preventing premature component failure

    Pressure Testing

    We provide pressure test methods to a variety of industry standard. Pressure Test is to ensure the safety, reliability and leak tightness of pressure systems that is required for a new pressure system before use or an existing pressure system after repair or alteration. The pressure test can be performed as two methods.

    Hydrostatic and Pneumatic. A Hydrostatic test is performed by using water as the test medium, whereas a Pneumatic test uses air, nitrogen, or any non-flammable and non-toxic gas. Pressure tests must always be performed under controlled conditions, following an approved test plan, and documented in a test record. A single approved test plan may be used for several similar tests, but a separate test record is required for each.


    • Identifying and rectification of leakages
    • Slight deformation and the material stresses redistributed.
    • Ensure the integrity of weld repairs.
    • Prevents failure of the system

    High Pressure Cleaning

    We provide hydro jetting/ Retro Jetting/ Roto fan for pipeline, vessels as a part of commissioning or during maintenance. High pressure water sent through special nozzles to cut roots, lift and remove grease, sand, gravel and any organic materials obstructing your drain.

    One of the major benefits of hydro jetting over any other form of drain cleaning, is that it has the power to remove almost any obstruction in your pipes. For example, it pushes any kind of debris or mineral deposits out of the way and clears the way for water to flow freely through the pipes. It also removes any excess build-up, grease, rocks, soap, or scum


    • Environmentally friendly because zero chemicals
    • Cost Effective.
    • Long Lasting.
    • More Flexibility

    Hose Management

    Our services include performing criticality analysis of the hoses based on specifications from the customer (safety, production, environment, cost), preparing work packs, creating task lists and maintenance items etc. Our engineers can create specific hose management drawings (P&ID drawings) identifying maintainable items, thereby simplifying the maintenance planning procedure.


    • Trouble free start-up of systems
    • Complete hose register
    • Optimal data quality, ensuring good traceability and documentation.
    • Ensure asset integrity and reliability.
    • Keep track for certificates and manufacture documentation
    • Reduce cost by avoiding vendor locking ro hose manufacturers/suppliers
    • Increase efficiency during project by strategically pre-fabricating hose before project start.

    Nitrogen purging

    Nitrogen purging is an industry standard technique for the replacement of a hazardous or undesirable atmosphere with inert dry atmosphere. During the commissioning of a process plant, the replacement of air by purging with nitrogen is familiarly known as oxygen freeing or starts up purging. During a turnaround, the replacement of a hydrocarbon atmosphere with nitrogen is familiarly known as degassing or shutdown purging.


    • Reduce turnaround schedules
    • Improve operating efficiencies
    • Implement the highest standards of site safety

    Flange Management

    We provide engineering solutions to maintain the flange joint integrity in both onshore and offshore. We offering software based controlled bolting approach for commissioning, operations, turnarounds and shutdown application.

    Controlled Method:

    1. Hydraulic/Manual Torquing
    2. Hydraulic Tensioning


    • Maintains leak free joint
    • Reduce preparation time
    • Eliminate repetitive maintenance cost
    • Assured reliability.
    • Historical data collection

    Video Inspection

    We provide closed circuit video inspection/CCTV for pipeline, pressure vessel, Tank, Heat exchanger etc… The video /CCTV camera is able to navigate through bends and turn in the pipe, around minor objects, roots and debris while moving through the pipe.

    We have the following cameras to perform the inspection,

    1. Push rod cameras
    2. Pan & Tilt Camera
    3. Robotic Camera/Crawler


    • Cost effective
    • Reduce system down time, labor and materials.
    • Eliminate traditional excavation repair practices
    • More accurate results
  • Commissioning

    Mechanical Commissioning

    • Mechanical Manager / Lead
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Mechanical Supervisor
    • Mechanical Tech / Senior Technician
    • Mechanical Assistants
    • MC Coordinator / Expeditor

    Electrical & Instrumentation Commissioning

    • E & I Lead
    • E & I Engineer
    • E & I Supervisor
    • E & I Tech / Senior Technician
    • E & I Assistants
    • Compex Inspector
    • ATEX Inspector

    Telecom Commissioning

    • Telecom Lead
    • Telecom Engineer
    • Telecom Supervisor
    • Telecom / Senior Technician
    • Telecom Assistants

    Other Technicians / Coordinator

    • Electricians for Termination
    • Pipe Fitter
    • Welders
    • Structural Fitters
    • Riggers & Scaffolder
    • CAD designer
    • Permit to work coordinator
    • Control Room Technicians (Boardman)

    Other Support Services

    A Star Technical services pte ltd also provides test and measurement equipment for carrying commissioning work. Our equipment are calibrated and certified according to national / international requirements / standards

    Instrument Calibration and Measurement Equipment

    • Pressure Calibrator
    • Temperature Calibrator
    • mA Loop Power Calibrator
    • Multi-Function Signal Calibrator
    • HART & Foundation Fieldbus Communicator
    • Decade Box

    Electrical Test Equipments

    • Primary current Injection Test Set
    • SEcoundary Current Injection Test Set
    • 3 Phase Current Injection Test Set
    • Transformer Ratio and Polarity Tester
    • Micro-Ohm Meter
    • Analog / Digital Clamp Meter
    • Phase Rotation Indicator
    • Lux Tester
    • 3 Phase power Logger
    • RCD Tester

    Enviromental & Machine Monitoring Equipments

    • Vibration Meter
    • Temperature & Humidity Meter
    • Airflow Meter / Micromanometer
    • Infrared Thermometer
    • Tachometer

    Third Party Inspection / Manpower supply services

    • QA / QC Inspectors
    • Welding Inspectors (AWS/CSWIP/PCN)
    • Piping Inspector
    • Piping Engineer
    • Mechanical Inspector
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Equipment Inspector
    • Fabrication Expeditors
    • E & I Inspector / Engineer
    • API 510, 570, 653 Inspectors
    • Painting / Coating Inspectors (NACE/BGAS)

    Telecom & Network Test Equipments

    • Cable IQ Qualification Tester
    • Micro scanner Cable Verifier
    • Audio Impedance Tester
    • Sound Level Tester

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